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If you're looking for supplies Dodge Studio offers the best selection and prices in the area.
We're your source for everything you need.

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Tools, tools, tools.... Foil, solder, lead came, grinders, band saws, lamp bases, Morton System, straight line bevels and clusters, 
mosaic supplies: molds.. DiamondCrete.. tables... 

Over 225 different books in stock! 

Glass!  Over 550 Varieties!!


bulletWe offer an ever expanding line of supplies including:

We stock a full line of mosaic garden stone supplies featuring Diamond Crete.  The silky smooth finished concrete that comes in colors and can be popped out of the mold in just an hour!

Just Arrived!
A variety of new colors and textures from various manufacturers.



Youghiougheny Stipple Glass

We have just received a mini case of Youghiougheny Stipple glass. Stipple is a unique art glass that has a translucent look that to me best resembles a 1/4" coat of vaseline with a few bubbles thrown in.
If you have ever wanted to reproduce the look of a waterfall in a genuine Tiffany window, this is your glass! Come in and check them out.


The Kokomo Opalescent Glass Company in Indiana is one of the oldest manufacturers of opalescent and cathedral glass. Their glass can even be found in many of the original windows and lamps of Louis C. Tiffany!

We recently had the opportunity to purchase nice assortment of Kokomo glass, available in 16" * 18" sheets (two square feet each). There are a lot of interesting and unusual glasses in the mix.


Join us for the best classes in town!

Interested in getting started in the exciting hobby of stained glass? If you're going to do stained glass there is no substitute for learning from the professionals. Watch thoroughly explained demonstrations and make what you want under supervision of working stained glass artists. Evening classes focus on the Copper foil method of stained glass construction. Classes are small with lots of personal attention.

Full explanations of how and why everything works, as well as plenty of demonstrations to help you understand what it's all about.

To join in just give us a call at 845-221-2096, or drop us an e-mail by clicking on the word e-mail!

Follow this link to our Class Schedule!

email notification list:

We have begun sending notifications about class schedules via email.  In the future mailings will be expanded to include special "email only" sales, too.  (At no time do we plan to send so much mail as to become a nuisance.)

If you would like to be included in future mailings just drop us a note and we'll sign you up!  Use this link:
Just ask to be added to the list.


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