Square Brass Cap, 1 3/4"

Hard to find Good value

Simplifies difficult tasks

$2.00 each

By popular request we are adding the square cap to the featured items page.

This is the cap we recommend in several of our lantern pack patterns because on a four sided lamp or lantern it is the easiest to use and just plain looks better than a round cap.

We've carried it in our shop for so long that it just never occurred to us that some suppliers may not. So, just in case your supplier doesn't, your search has just been simplified!


Fish Bead Refill Packs

Hard to find

At long last a new shipment of fish beads has arrived and we are pleased to be able or offer refill packs for the popular Angling Angel Pattern Pack and Fishful Thinking Lantern Pattern Pack +.


(NOTE: Dark Blue did not photograph well, but looks good in person.)
Also included are Dark Green And Deep Yellow NOT SHOWN.

Each pack includes 10 fish in assorted colors which includes all of the above plus yellow and / or dark green.

Pressed Glass Hearts 21 Pack

Hard to find


These little 3/4" hearts are great for all kinds of stuff.  We glue them onto boxes, picture frames,  whatever.       $5.00


Lustered Cast Glass Stars 21 Pack

Hard to find


These little 13/16" stars are great for all kinds of stuff.  We glue them onto boxes, picture frames, American flags, whatever.

The makers call them "lustered" which seems to be a soft iridescence.              $5.00



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