Lampwork is the art of making glass beads over an open torch flame.

Colorful glass rods that have been tested for compatibility are melted onto a stainless steel rod called a mandrel and formed freehand using a variety of tools and a lot of imagination!

Good value

Hard to find

 Just plain fun

Lampwork Starter Kit

This kit includes everything you need to get started in bead making except protective eyewear and a cylinder of mapp gas which is available at your local hardware store.

Caution:  The Hot Head torch is specially designed to reach temperatures that are unattainable with a regular propane torch using  mapp.  Do not attempt to burn mapp gas in a torch not designed for it. 

  • Hot Head torch
  • Torch clamp to mount your torch
  • Heat resistant work surface
  • 10 stainless steel mandrels
  • Bead release
  • Bead Rake
  • Grooved Marver Plate (can also marver flat on the back of plate).
  • NEW! Second texture marver
  • Fiber Blanket
  • 15 pc Moretti glass rod assortment, 13.5" long each
  • 1 oz. of Millefiori slices
  • Rod scrubber
  • NEW! Cindy Jenkins' You Can Make Glass Beads

Complete kit still only $120.00

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