Lantern Pack Patterns

Lantern Pack Patterns are patterns for unique lantern designs. Every pattern pack includes all the step by step instructions and tips you'll need to make your project a success.
Some incorporate unusual materials like copper sheet and brass rod, others just the usual stained glass construction.  We think they are all special!



Each Lantern Pack comes with;

All designs copyright Dodge Studio


Pattern Packs

A Pattern Pack is like a book in a bag.
Each Pattern Pack includes a variety of designs on a common theme. 


Gardening Angel
Vol. 1
Gardening Angel
Vol. 2
Angling Angel

Sunflowers and 
Busy Bees
Vol. 1
The East Coast
Vol. 2
The West Coast

Like a pattern pack without the bag?  
Well, maybe.  
Just check them out and see!

Holiday Portfolio - Patterns-Books Holiday Portfolio 2 - Patterns-Books
Creatures Great and Small - Patterns-Books 4 Fun Seasons - Patterns-Books


Flat Patterns

Each flat pattern is a design for a large panel or giant suncatcher.  
Be sure to check out the two large Santa designs.  They're popular favorites.

Group photo of flat pattern designs


Mirror Patterns

Our mirror patterns are designed with a frame overlay technique that eliminates "black edge" worries.

Illustration of mirrors

Mosaic Patterns

Patterns for mosaics both for wall and stepping stones.

Photos of mosaics


Uplite/Downlite patterns are similar to Lantern Packs but with a twist.  Each design is convertible between hanging and standing versions.

Photos of uplight fixtures
Ceiling Fixture

The Ceiling Star is a flush mount ceiling fixture, great for all kinds of places.




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