Lantern Pack Patterns

Lantern Pack Patterns are patterns for unique lantern designs. Every pattern pack includes all the step by step instructions and tips you'll need to make your project a success.
Some incorporate unusual materials like copper sheet and brass rod, others just the usual stained glass construction.  We think they are all special!


Each Lantern Pack comes with;

  • Detailed illustrated assembly instructions. (Assumes a knowledge of stained glass basics.)  
  • Helpful hints that will improve all of your work.
  • Listing of glass requirements.
  • Color recommendations.
  • Most Packs include options or alternate assemblies.
  • Hardware listings and assembly instructions.

All designs copyright Dodge Studio


A Pattern Pack is like a book in a bag.
Each Pattern Pack includes a variety of designs on a common theme. 

Gardening Angel
Vol. 1
Gardening Angel
Vol. 2
Angling Angel

Sunflowers and 
Busy Bees
Vol. 1
The East Coast
Vol. 2
The West Coast

Like a pattern pack without the bag?  
Well, maybe.  
Just check them out and see!

Holiday Portfolio - Patterns-Books Holiday Portfolio 2 - Patterns-Books
Creatures Great and Small - Patterns-Books 4 Fun Seasons - Patterns-Books



Each flat pattern is a design for a large panel or giant suncatcher.  
Be sure to check out the two large Santa designs.  They're popular favorites.

Group photo of flat pattern designs


Our mirror patterns are designed with a frame overlay technique that eliminates "black edge" worries.

Patterns for mosaics both for wall and stepping stones.

Photos of mosaics


Uplite/Downlite patterns are similar to Lantern Packs but with a twist.  Each design is convertible between hanging and standing versions.

Photos of uplight fixtures

The Ceiling Star is a flush mount ceiling fixture, great for all kinds of places.



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