Lighthouses Volume I
East Coast Lighthouses

A mix of designs for lighthouse panels, suncatchers and more including some 3-d designs. All are based on actual lighthouses.

Contains designs for:

Assateague Island, (Large and small versions)
Bodie Island, (10"*16" panel)
Cove Point, (10"*13" panel or oval)
Cape Hatteras, (Unique 8"*8" half panel design)
Cape Henry, (2 different 10"* 16" views plus one detail view of top)
Fire Island, (10"*16" panel)
Fort Washington, (Historic Lighthouse, both 3-d and large suncatcher versions)
Montauk Point, (3-d design)


Montauk Point 3-D

Cove Point

Cape Hatteras

Fire Island

Bodie Island

Fort Washington 3-D

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