Specialty Breaking Tools

Morton M-80

I happen to love this tool.  Over 30 years ago when I started in glass, things were simple.  You used a glass cutter, a pair of pliers and grozers, and you made it happen.  No frills.  All of the toys hobbyists today take for granted just didn't exist.

As you can imagine, once you get used to working that way you keep working that way.  There are few of the new gizmos and geegaws that get my attention, but there are just those times when I really need the M-80!  Places that I can't go with my pliers and hands alone, deep into the middle of a sheet of glass to open a complex score line.

While I use the M-80 only in  those "special" situations, it is a flexible tool that can break small scores with the same precision as it does big ones.

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Morton Safety Break System

The safety break uses the same principles as the M-80, but requires that you align the breaking tool over the button manually and doesn't give you the same kind of control over the pressure that the large levers on the M-80 do.

It does on the other hand have a thousand different ways you can use it and is a great system.  If you get started with it early in your glass crafting career I'm sure you will find it as indispensable as I find my hands :-)

GlaStar RingStar Pliers

The RingStar Pliers is a running pliers with a twist!  Whereas standard runners can only handle straight lines and single curves, the RingStar can handle any compound curve, as long as it doesn't go deeper into the sheet than the jaws can reach.

Just center the score line by looking through the hole in the pliers jaw, and gently squeeze.  Move along the line and repeat until the glass parts!


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